Capture their 

Pinpoint, capture, and convert in-market buyers for auto repair right where they are located.

Introducing a proven system for increasing shop sales with unprecedented audience targeting. 

You can have it now.
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Stop The Steering, Capture The Keys.

Tired of losing cars to your competitors because of steering?  Fight fire with firePOWER!

Watch the video and learn about the system in two minutes.

 Then start capturing keys – today.

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Target customers where they're located.

Even at your competitor's shops.

Pinpoint your prospects with laser accuracy!

Learn how geofencing allows you to catch more fish right where they are biting. Watch the video!

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Geo Fenced Body Shop
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we cracked the 

But geo-fencing is only the beginning of our solution.

Here’s the winning formula:
Capture > Convert > Communicate

Target prospects when they are in-market for repair, convert them into buyers, and communicate on auto-pilot, all without lifting a finger.

Get Social

With Social Media Ads That Convert

Capture The Keys includes custom Facebook and Instagram ads with new ad creative delivered every month to keep things fresh.

In addition, our social media posts address customer needs and makes it easy to book appointments from any device.

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Content Library

Educate them about modern repair.

Your customers want to know what’s in it for them. Teach them what they don’t know but need to know, and build instant credibility and trust.

With a few clicks your customers will be able to find answers to nearly any repair question they could have.


Get instant access to over 200 high converting articles and start converting customers today.

Accomodate their schedule, not yours.

24/7 Lead Capture Tools

Your prospects are checking you out on their schedule, not yours. 

Nights, Weekends, Holidays, your customers are researching you and making their decisions when it is convenient to them.

Allow your prospects to schedule estimates, get quotes or get answers to questions 24/7.


Communicate on Auto Pilot.

...even after the shop is closed.

Customers who get followed up with, follow through with their appointments. 

Automate your responses and respond immediately even when the shop is closed. 

Deliver customer focused information and content from the moment of first contact. 

Own Your Territory

Zip Code Exclusivity

Claim your spot before the shop down the street does.

Choose the zip codes that you want to dominate and gain an unprecedented sales advantage over your competition.


Take The Mystery Out Of What You Are Buying.

Dedicated success manager

Work with a rep who's paycheck is tied to the success of your program.

We’re in it together to make your program work.

Our Success Managers know the collision repair industry, and our team members are always looking out for the success and revenue growth of your shop.

Make Competitor Prospects Your Customers

Dominate Your Territory!

Targeting your competitors customers and then seeing them walk into your shop is a wonderful thing.

Dean Massimini

Autotech collision