Stop The Steering, Capture The Keys.

There is a brief moment where people are in the market for auto repair, and we can help your shop be part of the conversation – even if you are not a DRP.

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"Thanks to Capture The Keys, both locations are consistently booked out 8 weeks in advance".

STAND UP for your shop.

STAND UP for what you've built.

Forget what all the marketing guru’s told you. It doesn’t work that way in collision repair. You are selling a product that nobody wants to buy, that you can’t create demand for, and can only be sold at specific time and a specific place- your competitors shops.

So how do you push back against steering? You use the same tools the insurance companies are using against you. Leverage customer education, behavioral psychology, and geofencing technology. Shift from the marketing business into the mind-changing business at the precise time and place where a customer is being steered. 

Did you see us on Collision Hub?

In November we had the pleasure of discussing what works and what doesn’t work for shops fighting steering. If you have the time we encourage you to watch this video.

Target customers where they're located.

Even at your competitor's shops.

Pinpoint your prospects with laser accuracy!

Learn how geofencing allows you to catch more fish right where they are biting. Watch the video!

Watch The Video!

Make Competitor Prospects Your Customers

Dominate Your Territory!

Targeting your competitors customers and then seeing them walk into your shop is a wonderful thing.

Dean Massimini

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