Stop The Steering

How many times have you thought to yourself:

“If I could just get in front of people before they get steered to one of those chain shops, not only could I get their business, but I could perform a better repair, and gain a customer for life?”

Customers make their decisions for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have used your competitor before, perhaps a friend on social media referred them.

Their insurance company most likely made them believe that the repair will get done quicker, “hassle-free” and “guaranteed” if they use a preferred shop.

Heck, you might even be that shop for just a couple of insurance companies, but not all of them.

Either way, you are losing business to these people, but that can get fixed right now.

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How Does It Work?

Starts With GeoFencing

Get your ads in front of your competitor's prospects the moment they enter their shop. Also target based on keyword search. You'll show up almost everywhere this prospect searches for two weeks. Its like putting a billboard in your competitors lobby saying "Wait- Get a Second Opinion- You deserve it!"

Includes Social Media Ads

Show up in social media feeds for people that are seeking recommendations or searching for auto repair in your area.

Offers "Second Opinion"

With a few clicks, offer your competitor's customers a second opinion on their repair. Allow them to send photos, estimates for a second opinion, or even call your shop directly with a single click.

Enter The Conversion Zone

You get a high conversion website (if you need it) built with Artificial Intelligence to maximize conversions. You get our content finder tool with instant access to our high conversion library of collision repair articles and videos written for your consumer in a way they understand and tested on thousands of body shop web visitors.

Gather Leads Easily

Streamline your lead collection through our express forms, meticulously tested landing pages, click-to-call call tracking, and E-Z upload photos and documents tools. Get ready to start getting leads in your sleep!

Communicate On Autopilot

The moment a lead is submitted, your prospects get an automated email follow up sequence confirming appointments and offering links to valuable content. You also get a built in chatbot built for you. Communicate even when the shop is closed, and never drop another lead.

Lichty Brothers in app ads
"Even as a DRP provider for a few insurance companies, we still need more cars to hit our growth goals. Capture The Keys supplies us with those additional cars that we haven't been able to get with any other lead generating system and we've tried them all! "
Jay Ward Capture The Keys Customer
Jay Ward
Bel Air Autobody

Ready to target some consolidators?

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