Introducing Your New

Success Manager

Every one of our Capture The Keys customers gets their own success manager. This person is responsible for ensuring that your campaigns are always running smoothly, the leads are flowing, the walk-ins are walking in, and that you are getting what you paid for.

We carefully select and train these vital employees so that everyone is an auto repair expert who understands your struggles as a shop owner and supports you.

How’s this for skin in the game? A large portion of each success manager’s compensation is directly tied to your program’s success, so they have just as much incentive in seeing you succeed as you do.

Your success manager will report back to you weekly on your campaign’s performance, so you won’t even need to glance at your dashboard (although you are certainly welcome to).

Your success manager will gather up all your leads at the end of each month, match them to sales in your estimating system, and report back to you the amount your program earned you down to the penny.

To pull off a campaign this powerful, you are going to need an ace developer. This team member is here to make sure all your ads are firing on all cylinders.

We also have web developers to install one of our high conversion websites or build out our proprietary landing pages. 

We’ve got your needs covered at Capture The keys.

Introducing Your New


Introducing Your New


Every Capture the Keys customer is unique, and your designs have to match your branding. Each customer gets a designer assigned to their team to handle your ad design and landing pages to keep your brand consistent.

To keep the ads fresh, we create new ad content frequently to prevent ad fatigue. Ad trends change, and your designer’s job is to stay on top of it.

We’re going to create and run some killer ads for you, so you need a media buyer with the right chops. Lucky for you, we find great media buyers. If you’ve ever tried to buy ads for your shop, you probably realized very quickly that you were in over your head.

Media buying is pretty complicated, and the platforms change all the time. There is more to media buying than simply boosting posts. 

All of our media buyers go through intense training built by some of the country’s leading ad-buying trainers like Smart Marketer and Click Funnels, so you are getting some of the best talent in the industry at Capture The Keys.

Introducing Your New

Media Buyer