Shop Owners:

Is your certified body shop compliant with all your OEMs?

87% of the body shops we audit are not!

Your certifications may be at risk.


Avoid conflicts with manufacturers. Boost credibility with a clean, compliant presence. Act now! Get your FREE OEM Certification Audit today. 



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Auto Body Shop OEM Certification audit report on a desk

Get Your Free OEM Certification Compliance Audit.

You invested tens of thousands in becoming certified. Don’t put your investment at risk. 

Does your website contain outdated OEM certification badges? What about the approved wording? How compliant is your social media?

For a limited time, we are offering a free OEM certification audit using our 
proprietary audit tools. Act fast, we are only doing ten audits a month.


What You Get

Your free audit report will examine the following areas:
(Any errors in these areas could put you outside of compliance rules with your certifications)

Website Compliance Check

Do you have the correct logos? Is your website copy compliant with OEM brand standards? Are you missing any brands or still have logos for certifications you no longer have?

Social Media Compliance Check

Do you have the correct logos and branding in your social media? Can customers easily tell what brands you are certified for? Are there any old posts that are no longer in compliance with current brand standards?

OEM Shop Finder Check

Shops can sometimes drop off of shop finders on OEM websites. Is the contact information correct? Are the calls going to you? When was the last time you checked?

Secret Shopper check

Is the front office selling your certifications at first contact? How searchable is your shop for any of your brands? We'll call your shop and record the call.

And More!

Why Claim Your Audit?

Its Free

But we limit it to ten a month so don't delay.

No Hassle

We do all the work for you, you simply make the changes if we find any.

Get Compliant

We can make any fixes we find (completely optional).

100% Accuracy

Utilizing our proprietary audit methodology.

How do I get my audit?

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

Simply fill out the audit request form. We'll ask what OEM certifications you have, your website address, social media sites, and any additional locations you may have.
Step 1
We perform the audit by checking your website, social media, OEM certifaction shop finders, secret shop your customer support and perform a ranking search for each OEM.
Step 2
We'll set up a zoom call to report our findings and send you a pdf report. From there you can make the changes yourself, or ask us to quote the repairs. No hassle, No strings.
Step 3

Request your FREE audit today:

    All at no cost or obligation!