Scheduling and Communicating- Automated.

Scheduling, Contacting and Booking

Made Easy

Your prospects are checking you out on their schedule, not yours. Nights, Weekends, Holidays, your customers are researching you and making their decisions when it is convenient for them.

Allow your prospects to schedule estimates, get quotes, or get answers to questions 24/7, even when your shop is closed.

Our digital tools make it easy to get the task of “dealing with that accident” off of their plates. 

We’ll track when these prospects come to your shop and report back to you so that you know your capture the keys system brought them in. 

We re-invented the body shop landing page. With your ads, you get one shot at where you send them, and that landing page needs to do a lot. We’ve tested and tuned the body shop landing page using heat maps and A/B split testing to come up with the ultimate landing page that accommodates your customers’ needs. A high conversion landing page is critical to a high conversion sales system.

We Reinvented the

Landing Page

Introducing Your New

EZ Appointment Tools

“Contact Us” emails are dead. Most shops don’t even have functioning contact forms. You are leaving money on the table if you don’t fix this. People will call the shop during the day. But don’t shut out the ones who want to contact you after hours.
Gather just the right amount of info to land that new customer, including photo uploads, competitor estimate uploads, and click-to-call functionality.

Once a form is submitted, our system automatically emails a confirmation and links to commonly asked repair and insurance questions covered in our content library.
Additionally, you also get automated chatbots set up on your website so people can communicate with you directly or to members of your front office.

Stay in touch

Even After Hours