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Social Media Ads

Social Media Advertising

Every one of our Capture The Keys customers gets Facebook and Instagram ads. We’re not just talking boosted posts, here, we build out a social media ad campaign aimed to generate leads. Social media ads and geofencing work hand in hand. Our tracking tools will allow us to feed a similar ad into prospects social media feeds. Our AI powered technology platform also allows us to target based on a lookalike audience building. A portion of your Capture The Keys investment goes to Social Media ads.

You Get

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

Not only are we creating content that educates your customer in your website, our social media content reinforces it on your social media channels. Even if you are already doing your own posting, our educational and informative social media contant is a nice addition. You no longer have to go out and find relevant contents for your viewers. We do it for you.

But don’t look to us for the “Happy Friday”, and “Funny car problem” posts. To us, that’s filler content that serves no purpose. Our content is designed to educate your customers.


Google MY BUsiness

Google Maps- Google My Business

Your Google Maps section has its own page- Google My Business. We post three times a week to your Google My business page for you. What does that matter? We have noticed that it helps boost clicks through Google My Business pages and it helps keep your maps rankings near the top position. Why is that? Few if any shops in your market are posting content to their GMB pages, and quite frankly it just works.

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