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Years of experimenting with customer messaging, analytics, and artificial intelligence, has taught us one thing:

An educated consumer makes the best customer.

Your customers don’t know what they don’t know unless you can get the opportunity to educate them.

Capture the keys finds in-market customers, arms them with knowledge, and drives appointments and inquiries to your shop even after hours.

"Even when our state was under strict lock downs, we were still scheduling jobs and we got fifteen walk-ins."
Dean Massimini
Autotech Collision Service


Banner ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, when combined with geofencing, get your message to the right people when they are just about to make a repair decision.

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Once we have them clicking your website, we can get them to call, text, or fill out a form to get an estimate from you. 
You also get an extensive library of auto repair content that has  proven to convert visitors to customers.


Automated communication via chatbots allows you to communicate on auto-pilot, even when the shop is closed. Also, our system sends out automated emails once a prospect fills out a form. Studies show that prospects must be followed up on immediately in order for them to become a customer. Capture The Keys allows you to stay in touch even when you are sleeping!

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fall in love with our content

Content that helps You sell

Conversion Content You Can't Find Anywhere Else.

Does written content work for collision repair? Yes, it does, but only when it is good content, relevant to your prospect, and presented in a way they can understand and discover.

Collision repair industry experts write our content and the subjects and fall under three categories:

  • Information about your vehicle (specific to each OEM)
  • Things that affect you financially
  • Insurance questions answered

We tested and tuned for years utilizing Artificial Intelligence to dial this in, and we can now predict that visitors are 64 times more likely to click onto our content, and they convert 85% of the time or better to a real lead.

Our articles come with a video version to make our content more accessible and digestible so that your customers have the option of watching instead of reading.
All content falls into three categories: Insurance questions answered, Decisions that impact you financially, and Repair info specific to your vehicle.

All articles are written in a way that your customer can understand. We take complex repair subjects and make them easy to understand and digest.

Even if your prospects don’t read all the content, the level of detail in these articles will prove to your prospects that you are the real repair expert.

Ready To Start Converting Customers Right From Your Competitors' Lobbies?

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