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What You Get With Capture The Keys

Geofencing Ads Campaign

Geofence up to 100 locations in your entire market covering multiple zip codes.

Facebook Ad Campaign

We create and run Facebook ads that mirror the Geofencing ads so that your shop appears seamlessly in all devices.

Conversion Website

Need a high conversion website? We'll give you one of our top performers for FREE. Test drive it by clicking the circle above.

Conversion Content

Get our entire library of over 200 conversion articles covering most insurance questions, OEM content for every single manufacturer, and more.

Explainer Video Content

Each post comes with an embedded video explainer version for those prospects who don't want to read.

Social Media Posting

We'll post three times a week to add relevant automotive content for you. Never worry about having fresh social content again.

Success Team

You get unlimited access to your success manager, plus a web developer, a graphic designer, and a media buyer all working together to make your campaigns pay off.

World Class Reporting

Each week, we'll give you a heads up on how many walk-ins you are getting. Of course you'll also see the leads coming. Each month we will match all leads to sales in your estimating system and show you where the money came from.

More Cars To Fix!

Best of all, you'll get more cars to fix. Lots more! You better start scouting your next facility, you're going to need it.

Jay Ward Capture The Keys Customer

Never worrying about a slow day ever again.

Ward Automotive

This system is what helped us kick the DRP habit.

Autotech Collision

Lichty Brothers Collision Owner

Twenty-five competitor walk-ins in 30 days, I'm hooked.

Lichty Bros Collision

We're booked out for two months and its only the 5th of September

Acme Collision

Stop the Steering, Start capturing keys today!