How do you market to car buyers while they are shopping?

The answer is Geofencing!

So much of your precious marketing budget is wasted on marketing to people in your community who are not in market for a big purchase like a vehicle. 

But geofencing delivers the precise message to the right person at the right time – while they are visiting dealer lots!


Don’t lose that customer to a competitor- Convert them!


Target your competitors’ buyer, before they buy!



young couple sees credit union ad at a dealership

How Does It Work?

When a prospect enters a geofence zone (a competitor dealership) we can serve ads into that device in any website or up to 600,000 apps. These ads can serve to that same customer for up to 30 days. Ads are clickable and can take the user to any url you want. Utilizing UTM’s we can identify which ads are generating the conversions. If that user enters your credit union to apply for a loan we can see that visitor as a walk in and know which dealerships they visited. Or we can track online conversions to any landing page of your choosing.

Geofencing can also trigger social media ads. 

The best part, we can build out manage and report on the campaigns all for you.

What You Get

We offer a full turn key package:

Geofencing Campaigns

We can target visitors to any dealership in your market with our geofencing campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns

Geofencing triggers social media ads also. Let's craft some for you!

Optional Streaming TV ads

Cord cutters can be reached at home with our geofencing and streaming ads. We can serve ads to any device!

World Class Reporting

That which can be measure gets approved. Worried about an ROI? Our reporting shows you where the leads come from.

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